Top 8 Wonderland Wedding Color for Winter 2022 / 2023

There is something magical about a winter wedding and it’s slowly becoming one of our favorite wedding seasons. The list of colors we associate with winter weddings is ever-expanding, from the classical festive favorites to variations on copper, metallics, pinks, frosted pastels, greys, blues, and so much more.If you’re exchanging vows come winter, read on for some on-trend color palettes to really wow your guests!

ice blue + dusty blue

It takes the air of winter and makes it feel warmer. It is complementary to the traditional winter whites and intensifies the spark that falls on the holidays. It is the perfect wedding color for those who love the cold weather and winter weddings.
winter wonderland ice blue dusty blue wedding color ideas

gold + rose gold

When thinking about winter wedding color, the image that immediately comes to mind is a frozen landscape and ice castles with the golden hues.
winter wonderland gold rose gold wedding color ideas

gold + brown

This warm gold and brown wedding color will add a contemporary touch to your winter wedding event. This palette is beautiful and stylish enough for a spring wedding as well. Chocolate hues such as brown, red, and deep blue can also be utilized in this wedding color palette to create a unique contouring effect.
winter wonderland gold brown wedding color ideas

purple + lavender

The colors in this palette are perfect for the shades of winter. The pastel colors are classified as mostly muted colors. The colors like purple and lavender are an oversight. They stand out with their unique shades of violet. La crème tends to be more on the pink side, while the groom’s colors are deeply taupe colors that are perfect for a romantic winter wedding.
winter wonderland purple lavender wedding color ideas

emerald green + black

Warm tones such as chocolate brown, moss green, hunter green, grey tones, and dark taupe work well together in winter–in fact, these are some of the many popular color combinations often seen in winter-themed wedding trends.
winter wonderland emerald green black wedding color ideas

red + navy

The perfect winter Wonderland wedding color has to be red and navy. For winter Wonderland weddings, the dress code is usually black with red accents. However, for a wedding in a more whimsical Wonderland, red and navy can be incorporated into the design for a more romantic effect. This color scheme can definitely brighten up a winter Wonderland wedding.
winter wonderland red navy wedding color ideas

navy blue + grey

Modern, classic and graphic. When combining navy blue and grey you can get a mid-century vibe that is sophisticated and contemporary.
winter wonderland navy blue grey wedding color ideas

silver grey

For a fresh and clean look with the winter chill, your wedding colors should be silver grey. This dull shade mixes well with almost any color, allowing you to dress in white and make your silver grey wedding theme visually stunning. Silver grey brings a neutral backdrop that is perfect for launching your best winter wedding yet. Your guests will be thankful for the warmth of winter, complementing your winter wedding quite nicely.
winter wonderland silver grey wedding color ideas

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