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    Top 8 Outdoor Winter Wedding Color Schemes 2021

    Okay, so the hard part is over—you’ve decided when you want to get married and maybe you’ve even booked a venue. Good work! And if I may say, a winter wedding is an excellent choice. The season is so underrated! First of all, it’s a naturally romantic time of year. From the lights twinkling in the trees to all the opportunities to cozy up next to your lover on those cold, cold nights, it’s impossible not to feel all kinds of smitten. There was a reason Lorelai Gilmore said snow was like catnip, people! Winter weddings are also the epitome of glam. It doesn’t get more elegant than dramatic outerwear,…

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    TOP 10 Winter Wedding Color Palettes FOR 2021

    When planning a winter wedding, it’s easy to gravitate towards the season’s signature hues. But there are so many more festive colors than just red and green. From icy blues, splashy magentas, and frosted metallics, there are an infinite number of ways to showcase winter’s full color range—mostly because every shade can feel wintry, in the right tone. To inspire your big day’s main colors, we’ve corralled photos featuring the prettiest shade combinations from real winter weddings. We left no detail unturned. From navy and red floral arrangements, to a cream, green, and copper mantel display, we found color inspiration in every nook and cranny of these stunning fêtes. The…

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    10 Green and Red Christmas Wedding Ideas for Winter 2021

    If you’re planning a winter wedding in December and you’re a bride who just loves Christmas, why not combine the two and have a fun and festive Christmas-themed wedding? After all, it is the most wonderful and magical time of the year. From the decorations to the dresses, and the cake to the bouquets, there are so many wedding essentials that can be put through a holiday filter to make it that much more special. It’s like Santa himself came by and sprinkled a little magic on your wedding day. If you decide to have such a festive wedding, here are 10 ideas for you to bring the magic of…

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    Top 8 Winter Wonderland Wedding Color Ideas

    There is something magical about a winter wedding and it’s slowly becoming one of our favorite wedding seasons. The list of colors we associate with winter weddings is ever-expanding, from the classical festive favorites to variations on copper, metallics, pinks, frosted pastels, greys, blues, and so much more.If you’re exchanging vows come winter, read on for some on-trend color palettes to really wow your guests! ice blue + dusty blue gold + rose gold gold + brown purple + lavender emerald green + black red + navy navy blue + grey silver grey