16 December Wedding Color Palettes for Winter 2022 / 2023

So you decided to have your wedding around the holiday season? That’s great and you can stick to the regal winter type of colors.
Your all whites and reds will work of course.
But for December, you can think of some kinds of colors associated with precious metals like grayed jade, velvet (of course), and silver.
There’s something Christmas-y about velvet so that would be an interesting choice for December.
But if you don’t want to take too many chances, go with the royal purple, regal red, or all-white.

Black + White + Greenery

You’ve probably heard the advice that “black and white are classic wedding colors,” but you might be wondering what it means to pair black and white with greenery. This combination is one of the most popular for summer weddings because it looks chic, sophisticated, and timeless. The greenery adds texture and dimension to your decor without being too busy or overwhelming. Plus, you won’t have to spend hours deciding on which flowers to order from your florist—you can simply ask them for an assortment of different types of greenery!

black white december wedding color ideas
black white December wedding color ideas

Burgundy + Greenery + Grey

Burgundy is a rich, warm color that evokes feelings of comfort and luxury. It’s also easy to pair with other colors in your wedding palette—it’s not too bold or dark, so it won’t overpower the other hues you choose. Greenery is a fresh, light-hearted hue that can brighten up your day and add some punch to otherwise neutral shades. Pairing burgundy and greenery together provides a sophisticated alternative to gold or silver, while still being fun enough for summertime festivities.

burgundy greenery grey december wedding colors
burgundy greenery grey December wedding colors

Dark Red + White + Black

If you’re looking for a winter wedding theme that’s bold and beautiful, this combo is perfect. Red, white and black are the colors of Christmas, which makes it a great choice if your wedding falls during December or anytime in winter. If you have any friends with a darker sense of style or who like gothic themes, then this is also an excellent choice as it will appeal to them.

The red color is used for flowers such as carnations and roses. White flowers can be used on the table centerpieces however they may not last long since they’re delicate so consider using silk ones instead if possible. Black accessories include chair covers for your tables as well as other decor items like napkins wrapped around wine bottles and candles or small vases filled with fresh greenery from outside such as pine cones or holly branches (if your venue allows).

dark red white black december wedding colors
dark red white black December wedding colors

Emerald + Black + Gold

Not your typical color palette, but if you’re looking for something bold and eye-catching, this might be the way to go. Whether you use these colors together or separately, they can add a bit of dramatic flair to your wedding.

green black gold december wedding color ideas
green black gold December wedding color ideas

Ice Blue + Aqua + Silver

If you choose to go with a December wedding, then you can’t go wrong with Ice Blue and Aqua as your main colors. These two are among the most popular choices for December weddings, so if you want to be safe and pick a color that will work well with everything else in your day-of plan, then these two are perfect!

You can also add silver (or even white) if you want a more streamlined look. It’s definitely not necessary though since silver is already present in the two main colors anyway.

ice blue silver december wedding color ideas
ice blue silver December wedding color ideas

Emerald Green + Pink + Gold

This sophisticated color palette is perfect for a bride who wants to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not afraid of being bold and different, this wedding theme will be right up your alley! The muted shades of green and pink are both feminine and elegant, while the gold accents add a touch of shine that will make your guests feel like they’re walking into a fairy tale. You can even incorporate these colors into your cake design by having it molded into the shape of an elegant flower or tree.

emerald green pink gold december wedding colors
emerald green pink gold December wedding colors


Neutral colors are a great choice for a winter wedding. They work well with the cold and can add an elegant touch to your reception tables or other decor. The best neutral color choices for weddings are ivory, ecru, cream and beige. These colors match well with any season and can give you the look of sophistication that is so hard to get with other colors like white or silver.

neutral december wedding colors
neutral December wedding colors

Turquoise + White + Grey

Turquoise is a great color for December weddings because it’s so warm and cozy. It looks great against the winter landscape, but also brings a sense of spring to your December celebration. A sunset-inspired color, turquoise is a perfect way to incorporate some light into your wedding day — especially if you live somewhere where snow covers everything in sight during winter months!

If you’re not sure how much turquoise would work with your wedding decor, try incorporating small touches throughout the space (think: an accent chair or tablecloth). That way, guests can still see hints of this bright hue without having their eyes overwhelmed by it.

turquoise white grey december wedding color ideas
turquoise white grey December wedding color ideas
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