TOP 10 Winter Wedding Color Palettes FOR 2023/ 2024

When planning a winter wedding, it’s easy to gravitate towards the season’s signature hues. But there are so many more festive colors than just red and green. From icy blues, splashy magentas, and frosted metallics, there are an infinite number of ways to showcase winter’s full color range—mostly because every shade can feel wintry, in the right tone.

To inspire your big day’s main colors, we’ve corralled photos featuring the prettiest shade combinations from real winter weddings. We left no detail unturned. From navy and red floral arrangements, to a cream, green, and copper mantel display, we found color inspiration in every nook and cranny of these stunning fêtes. The best part? The end goal of this winter “mood board” isn’t about reconstructing the following scenes, exactly. It’s just about the color. Apply these pretty combos to any element, whatever your wedding style—rustic, contemporary, bohemian, or traditional.

Burgundy and Blush

It’s difficult to think of a more romantic color combination than the color of a blush. To create a warm and cozy look, add in the color of a burgundy in it’s complimentary light or deep brown shade. This color is a great way to get the traditional rustic feel out of the wedding decor.

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Copper and Greenery

Copper and green is an amazing duo. The light and the dark mix beautifully, creating a beautiful contrast between these two colors. Copper is an anniversary color, so it has special meaning, too. The copper and greenery color scheme is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

copper and greenery winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Dark Navy and Grey

The darker colors in this color palette are perfect for a winter wedding, especially if you’re looking to avoid certain colors such as red and orange. If you want your guests to stand out against the difficulty in the room while they’re still being able to see, use deep purples and greens in the décor. You can also lower the amount of daylight that falls into the space while you’re inside if you want to avoid the brightness.

dark navy and greys winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Dark Teal and Brown

The dark teal and brown wedding colors are creating a stunning contrast this color palette has that is sure to please almost any color lover looking for to add a little winter magic to their celebration. The popularity of this color is largely due to how well it reflects the beauty of the snowy landscape and cold, wintery season. Much like the colors chosen for a winter themed wedding, the colors of this color palette are very elegant, understated, and soothing.

dark teal and brown rustic winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Green Jade and Brown

Hushing tones that exude richly all year round. This subtle yet elegant green envisions a cool winter wedding without too much of the chilly, white tones that you may have seen before. It offers the sophistication and sophistication you want for the big day. It pairs well with popular greys, browns, and black.

green jade and brown winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Mauve and Grey

The recent trend for pairing muted mauve and grey hues has started to take over weddings, and this winter, it has a tendency to become the favorite. It provides just the right amount of class, sophistication, and elegance all while being subtle enough to not overpower the huge variety of beautiful colors that currently reign in the decor and palette department.

mauve and grey winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Navy and Wine

This color combination is perfect for winter. It is the color of the sea at night and packs a romantic feel. It is also reminiscent of the changing of the seasons.

navy and wine winter wedding colors #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding


A popular wedding color for the winter time is neutral but still does not have to be dull. These neutral colors can be added to your 2022 winter wedding color palette: beige, gray, taupe, and brown.

neutral winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Shades of Blue

This winter wedding color idea is an understated blue with a touch of silver. Blue is the most popular color for weddings and this color is just perfect for the winter season too.

shades of blue winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

Shades of Grey

This color palette is simple, elegant, and sophisticated. An ideal color palette for your winter wedding.

shades of grey and blue winter wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #winterwedding

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