Top 14 Purple Wedding Color Combos 2024

colors that go with purple

Purple is undoubtedly one of the most popular wedding colors, and it’s easy to see why. With so many different shades to choose from, purple can be associated with royalty, riches, and wealth, making it a classic and timeless choice for any wedding. Whether you’re planning a fall, winter, spring, or summer wedding, there is a shade of purple that will work perfectly for your theme.

For fall weddings, darker shades of purple such as eggplant, plum, and burgundy evoke a cozy and warm feeling that is perfect for the season. Lighter shades of purple, such as lavender, lilac, and periwinkle, are better suited for spring and summer weddings, creating a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

Here are the top 10 purple wedding color combos to inspire you, based on seasonality and personal preference:

purple wedding color ideas


Lavender is a safe color that can complement a lot of colors. It can appear slightly romantic and is suitable for any season of the year. It’s especially popular in the fall and spring seasons.

lavender purple wedding color ideas
lavender purple wedding color ideas

Plum + Gold

Purple is a classic color for both brides and grooms who want to go with a traditional color scheme. If you are looking to go bold with your outfit and color palette, try choosing a dark deep plum or a bold purple and adding a touch of gold to your décor. You can use purple flowers or jewelry to add that perfect touch of glamour to your dress, while the groom can choose a purple suit to complement the dance floor and your guests.

plum purple and gold wedding color ideas
plum purple and gold wedding color ideas

Plum + Greenery

The plum color is a bright and intense purple tone that matches nicely with a wide array of pink and mauve flowers. It is a very attractive and subtle color that will liven up your wedding without being too day-glow. The greenery that it can be combined with is also a strong color that will work well with this variation of purple.

plum purple and greenery wedding color ideas
plum purple and greenery wedding color ideas

Purple + Brown

A tradition, the Brown family is all about the old-fashioned days and a more conservative style than the Purple family. Brown and purple might have their differences, but these two colors mixed together are a perfect color combo for Purple and Brown weddings.

purple and brown wedding color ideas
purple and brown wedding color ideas

Purple Shades

Purple hues are versatile for your wedding theme, and will work well with both a vintage and modern wedding design. Pairing a purple wedding color with a deep shade of purple, elegant lavender, or dusty lavender will complement your purple wedding color perfectly. For a more earthy, vintage-inspired tone, pair purple with forest green, moss green, or dusty emerald green. The color will be more old-fashioned and will attract your guests to the day.

purple shades wedding color ideas
purple shades wedding color ideas

Purple + Blue

This is trending to be a color that couples are incorporating into their wedding theme this year, and it’s vibrant, dramatic and a nice contrast to your traditional wedding colors for an exquisite wedding. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding or choosing a more modern timeless theme, this color combo will be a hit.

purple blue black august wedding color palettes
purple blue black august wedding color palettes

Maroon + Purple

One of the most popular colors of all the wedding colors, purple has become very trendy. It’s not a color many people like to see, but it’s pretty cool – especially when it’s combined with maroon.

maroon and purple fall wedding colors
maroon and purple fall wedding colors

Purple + Persimmon

This combination of colors is popular because it provides a warm and inviting vibe. The persimmon shade works well with purple to lend a burst of color and create deep and bright hues. It is also a good pairing for winter weather.

purple persimmon december wedding color ideas
purple persimmon december wedding color ideas

Yellow + Pink + Purple

The deep contrast of purple against its bright counterpart, yellow, creates a pastel contrast that will have your guests in awe. Purple and yellow work together so well because they look so different, yet they stand out enough to make an impact in any wedding color scheme.

yellow pink purple spring wedding color ideas
yellow pink purple spring wedding color ideas

Purple + Blush

A duo of lavenders with mauve and pink accents, this color combo is fresh, feminine, timeless and romantic. A purple and blush color scheme is considered to be the complementary colors of each other. Even better, lavenders and blush mingle beautifully, with them balancing one another to allow for a beautifully cohesive yet unique color palette. The lavender dress, with hints of blush, is a perfect choice to make this wedding dreamy.

fall wedding color 2021 purple blush

Purple + Royal Blue

Combining purple and royal blue is a regal and luxurious color scheme that is perfect for a wedding with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. This color combination allows for a subtle and stylish contrast that is eye-catching and timeless. Consider incorporating purple and royal blue in the bridesmaids’ dresses or wedding floral arrangements for a stunning effect.

royal blue and purple wedding colors

Purple + Orange + Burgundy

If you’re looking for a color scheme that is bold and vibrant, consider combining purple, orange, and burgundy. These colors complement each other perfectly, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for a fall wedding. Add pops of orange and burgundy to your decor and floral arrangements for a stunning and unique color scheme that is sure to make an impact.

outdoor october wedding purple orange burgundy wedding color ideas #wedding #weddingcolors #weddingideas #fallwedding

Purple + Teal

For a beachy or tropical-themed wedding, combining purple and teal is a beautiful and calming color palette. The fusion of these colors creates a seaside vibe that is both soothing and serene. Consider incorporating teal table linens, purple floral arrangements, and teal-blue bridesmaids’ dresses for a cohesive and stunning wedding aesthetic.

teal fall teal purple wedding colors

Purple + Black + Champagne

Combining purple, black, and champagne creates a color scheme that is both refined and elegant, perfect for a formal wedding. This color combination allows for rich and opulent accents that create a luxurious effect. Use accents of champagne gold against the deep colors of purple and black to give any wedding venue a touch of sophistication and glamour. This color combination can be especially striking for a winter wedding, with the darker palette and champagne hues evoking a cozy and magical atmosphere.

champagne purple and black february wedding colors
champagne purple and black february wedding colors


Each of these unique color combinations creates a distinct ambiance and can be tailored to suit any wedding style and season. By blending purple with other complementary colors, you can create a stunning and unforgettable ceremony and reception.



What are some popular color palettes for a purple wedding?

Popular color palettes for a purple wedding include shades of purple like lavender, lilac, plum, and eggplant, as well as complementary colors like silver, gold, ivory, and blush.

What are some good color combinations that work well with purple?

Some good color combinations that work well with purple include silver, gold, ivory, blush, and navy. You can also combine different shades of purple, such as lavender and plum, for a more cohesive look.

What are some popular groomsmen attire ideas for a purple wedding?

For groomsmen, a grey or black suit with a purple tie or boutonniere can complement the color scheme. Alternatively, they could wear a purple suit or a grey or black suit with a purple shirt.

How can I incorporate purple into my wedding decor?

There are many ways to incorporate purple into your wedding decor. You can use purple flowers, such as roses, hydrangeas, or orchids, in your centerpieces or bouquets. You can also use purple tablecloths, napkins, or chair covers. For a more subtle touch, you can add purple accents to your invitations, favors, or signage.

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