2023 Color Guide: Wedding Color Schemes By Season and Months

Wedding season can be pretty much year round but wedding colors change with every season.

That’s why it is important for you to know what wedding colors are right for you depending on the month and the season.

You wouldn’t want to wear a summer color in the winter after all!

So no matter when you are getting married, we’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t for each month.

Winter Wedding Colors (December, January, February)

winter wedding color combos and ideas

It’s winter wonderland time!

Time for some holiday themed wedding colors fun!

So for this list, think of your all-whites, reds, and purples. You are looking for the strong royal and opulent colors.

December Wedding ColorsDecember Wedding Colors

So you decided to have your wedding around the holiday season? That’s great and you can stick to the regal winter type of colors.

Your all whites and reds will work of course.

But for December, you can think of some kinds of colors associated with precious metals like grayed jade, velvet (of course), and silver.

There’s something Christmas-y about velvet so that would be an interesting choice for December.

But if you don’t want to take too many chances, go with the royal purple, regal red, or all-white.

January Wedding Colors

january wedding colors

It’s a new year with new beginnings and you’re starting a new marriage. Perfect!

Normally, you would want to stay away from pastel shades as they are generally reserved for spring weddings.

However, you could get away with several pastels such as ice blue, baby blue, lavender, or duty rose. These fit with the “icy” theme because you know… winter.

Of course you could go with the great winter colors but here are some others you can consider specific for January:

Midnight Blue

February Wedding Colors

february wedding colors

What do we have going on in February? Valentine’s Day! So love is in the air.

But it is of course still winter and we still have to care about the weather.

Red is the obvious color to go with because it’s perfect for winter and perfect for Valentine’s.

If you’re of the daring variety, you can actually go with a red wedding gown. I know, not the traditional white but if you’re the daring type, you should think about going for it!

You still want to stay away from the pastels due to the season and go more for the deep colors.

For that you can think of your deep blues, golds, greens, and of course purple.

One color associated with Valentine’s which you can pull off is pink. It can’t be your run of the mill light pink though. It needs to be a bold pink.

And think about the types of flowers you can pair with that pink!

Summary For Winter Wedding Colors

If you want to play it safe, go with the deep and bold colors

Pastels that give off the icy feel can work

Reds and pinks can work great in February around Valentine’s

Spring Weddings (March, April, May)

spring summer wedding color ideas

The weather is much better, the foliage is in bloom. Spring weddings are about rebirth and the colors should reflect that.

Here is where your pastels can come into play.

For color, think about a your warm pinks, soft yellows, or coral.

Think also of your greens, whites and creams which can give off a timeless look. For purples, think softer still such as violet or aubergine.

March Wedding Colors

March wedding color combos

Depending on when you get married in March, it may still feel a little wintery.

That means in many parts of the world, there’s still a good amount of rain.

It may not be time for those pastels yet although towards the end of the month, that is completely possible.

Some great colors here to go with could be ones that fit both bold and colorful themes such as Tiffany Blue, Chiffon Yellow, and Sea foam Green.

These colors pair well with lighter and darker partner colors.

And think how beautiful these colors will pair with the burgeoning foliage and bloom all around you.

April Wedding Colors 

Spring April Wedding Color Ideas

Once we hit April, we are in full spring mode.

If you want to go with colorful pastels, you can go with soft lemon, pistachio, and sky blue.

Here we have a mix of yellow, green, and blue. These are perfect for outdoor weddings.

The soft lemon is light and evokes the sunlight of Spring. Pistachio has the light green that reminds everyone of the blooming plants and the abundance of greenery.

And the sky blue is the perfect accent color.

Any type of pastel scheme that reminds everyone of the season is great.

Now if you want to get a little bit more unexpected, think about using a combination like, caramel, apple red, and carrot orange.

Caramel is a rustic color while the apple red is a bold vibrant spring color.

Where does the carrot orange?

Somewhere in between.

This would be great for a barn wedding or outdoors.

May Wedding Colors

May wedding color palettes

May is a great time to have a wedding.

Not just because of the weather but also because of its proximity to summer.

And because of this proximity, you can think here of some Summer colors as well as the traditional Spring ones.

Here we see a combination of some traditional Spring and some less traditional colors: cornflower blue, freesia lilacs, peony pink, sunflower yellow, lily white, and grass green.

This is a great assortment of colors.

The cornflower blue is light but still introduces us to summer.

The peony pink still has that springtime motif and fits in perfectly for the season.

The lily white complements greens and lemon which are more of the traditional springtime colors.

If you were thinking lavender, then the freesia lilacs really shows you how well purples work with the season.

And of course the sunflower yellow gets us closer to the summer but still reminds us of the yellow we associate with springtime.

So play around with these colors and bridge the spring/summer gap for your May wedding!

Spring Wedding Colors Summary:

Time to think of pastels.
Keep in mind springtime still has rains early on so don’t go full on springtime until late March or early April.
Start thinking about summer colors when you hit May.

Summer Weddings (June, July, August)

summer wedding color ideas

Sometimes summer brides feel a bit stifled by this season.


It’s hard to get past the beach or garden theme.

But remember that summer has a vibrancy that spring does not have. While spring is all about softer colors, you can get quite bold in the summer.

Think of yellows and pinks.

June Wedding Colors

june wedding color palettes

June is a great month to play around with a mix of light and bold colors.

For example here you can see that greenery is still very much in play.

However, you can also think of doing something more quintessential summer such as yellows and greys. Think of doing yellows and mustards mixed with soft and slate grey.

And if you really want to hit home with the summer boldness, think of jewel tones such as garnet, aquamarine, citrine and bright quartzes.

And since it is beach time, you can also think about mixing up turquoise and dove grey which you can take inspiration from your favorite beaches in the world.

So all the choices are there. What you have to do is decide on your theme and stick to it.

July Wedding Colors 

july wedding color palettes

July is the heart of the summer, and especially the heart of the fun of summer.

School is out, people are on vacation. It’s time to party.

That’s why we recommend Solstice colors such as coral, custom peach, grecian, and ice.

Why do these work?

The coral hues and blue night skies remind us not just of the beach but of the summers of youth.

You remember, right?

The sunsets, the backyard parties, chilling by the lake.

Let’s create some nostalgia with the color pallette!

August Wedding Colors 

august wedding color palettes

August is a tricky season. Some people think of the end of summer. Some think of the fall.

But guess what?

You can play around with that mix in your colors!

Some great colors for August are your yellows, oranges, bold browns, and neutral greys.

For your yellows, think goldenrod, sunflower yellow, saffron or dandelion. Remember, we are in the tail end of summer so we are thinking fall colored leaves and these yellows hint at that. You can pair these with white, browns, oranges, blues, and purples.

For oranges, we want to stick to the pure summer theme such as pumpkin peach, tangerine, or dark salmon. Pair these with yellow, brown, ivory, pinks, burgundy, or greens.

Your browns should be bold to remind people of autumn such as chocolate brown.

And neutral grey just fits in with all these such as pearl grey, dove grey, steel grey, and slate. Pair these with blues, violets, or purples.

Just make sure all your pairings make sense for the season! Don’t for instance pair yellows with pinks and greens which is more of a springtime flair.

Summary Of Summer Wedding Colors:

Start moving toward bolder colors
Greens still work but you can now start thinking about oranges and more hues of yellow
Towards the end of summer, start thinking of fall colors

Fall Wedding Colors (September, October, November)

fall wedding color ideas

Autumn is when we start to think about circling back to winter again and it’s time to move to softer, earthier hues.

This is a time to start thinking about soft purples, greens, and reds.

You can also think of iridescent schemes such as soft gray and silver as we are back to chillier weather.

While it is no longer time to start thinking of blooming plants, we now get to experience the beautiful rustic feel that comes with Fall.

September Wedding Colors 

fall september wedding colors

Septembers still have some of that hot, beachy summer weather.

So a mix of fall and summer is still appropriate.

Here we see some interesting color mixes:

Navy and Blush
Gold and Teal
Neutral colors
Plum and Gray
Burgundy and Dusty
I particularly like the burgundy and dusty color pairings. The burgundy reminds me of red wine and a more rustic feel while the dusty reminds me of the return to earthier tones.

October Wedding Colors 

outdoor october fall wedding color ideas

October weddings are in the same month as Halloween.

And here’s the thing about Halloween:

It’s fun and all but I don’t really want people thinking about Halloween when it’s a wedding.

So oranges and yellows are fine but you have to play around with them so people don’t go to your wedding thinking they should have brought a costume.

Muted colors can work great such muted pinks like mauve.

Think also of neutral colors such as gold and copper. Browns work well of course too. And these types of colors really help for the rustic look.

Now let’s talk about orange. You don’t need orange pumpkins or anything like that. Check the fruit aisle for inspiration there.

As for pumpkins, remember you can get different colors other than orange.

November Wedding Colors 

fall november wedding colors

Many November weddings are planned with Thanksgiving in mind.

And remember, Thanksgiving is at the end of the month which is getting kind of close to December.

So getting a little into the winter swing of things makes sense around here.

One palette I saw that I really liked here incorporated teal, blue champagne, fuchsia, and grape.

What I most loved about this was the mix of the more muted and softer blues with a little bit of the boldness that comes closer to winter.

Even though the plants are starting to brown, we can rejoice that bolder colors in winter are coming back!

Summary Of Fall Wedding Colors:

Time to think of more rustic and muted colors
Embrace orange but be creative with it
Start thinking of winter a little.

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