Top 8 Dark Teal Fall Wedding Color Ideas for 2023/ 2024

Looking for a way to bring the colors of the season alive on your wedding day without screaming “FALL WEDDING”? How about a dark teal color? It’s moody, a little edgy, and reminds me of rich jewel tones.  When you pair it with burnt orange, it’s absolutely perfect for fall. What’s great about teal is that it can work well with so many different colors. If you are in the pursuit for the perfect color combos to take your wedding event up a notch, maybe you can try to match teal with different popular wedding colors.Here are 8 teal color combos in fall season we love for 2021.

Teal + Red

The first use for the dark teal is the use of a dark red or burgundy for your wedding. Dark teal is a deep, dark, navy blue with a touch of black and green that rejuvenates and revitalizes the whole look. This color can also be paired with blue, green, and purple, which can give you a whole new cool and retro feel. This color can also be combined with red.

teal fall teal red wedding colors

Teal + Burgundy

When done right, the dark teal and burgundy wedding color combination looks like a dark, sophisticated and classy aesthetic that runs perfectly with this fall wedding season. Try this color combination by applying these gorgeous burgundy tones that tie in perfectly with the dark teal backdrop. Whether you go for the dark teal tie-front wedding dress or not, this color palette never fails to make a statement with guests.

teal fall teal burgundy wedding colors

Teal + Gold

The most popular gold and teal color combination is the dark teal and the dark teal paired together. This rich combination is perfect for formal weddings made for the true loves. The right colors give a luxurious, romantic feel. One of the most elegant ways to get your dark teal in with gold is by adding small white flowers to your flower crowns. While this is not a color combination for every bridesmaid, you will be sure to impress with this gorgeous combination.

teal fall teal gold wedding colors

Teal + Orange

This stunning color combo has a warm, yet refreshing appearance. This deep wine color has hints of various shades of deep teal, orange, gold, and copper. The color looks great on dark surfaces such as dark bricks and dark wood.

teal fall teal orange wedding colors

Teal + Peach

Teal and peach are both trending this season, so finding the perfect color is easy. If you’re into the teal and peach combo, try a pink and peach combo for the accent colors. In that light, it’s actually a little royal.

teal fall teal peach wedding colors

Teal + Hot Pink

Teal and Hot Pink are two colors that are often connected to the fall season. However, these colors are not the only colors that can be combined. Imagine a fall wedding color palette that consists of teal and light pink, turquoise and mint, lavender and baby pink, navy and raspberry pink, tan and a touch of yellow, or even brown and light blue.

teal fall teal pink wedding colors

Teal + Purple

Dark Teal is a cool and beautiful hue that looks amazing against other colors like purple, navy, and black.

teal fall teal purple wedding colors

Teal + Mustard

This bold and cheerful color is a trendy pick for this fall. Mustard wedding colors are gaining popularity and have a very unique color combination since mustard is a combination of yellow and brown. Dark teal with touches of yellow accents creates a bold vibe and makes a striking statement. Wind your way through the in-laws’ garden gathering with a dark teal + mustard wedding color.

rustic outdoor teal and mustard wedding colors


What is dark teal?

Dark teal is a deep, rich shade of greenish-blue that is often associated with sophistication, elegance, and mystery. It is a popular color for weddings as it pairs well with a variety of other colors and adds a touch of drama to the overall look.

What are some color combinations that work well with dark teal for a wedding?

Dark teal pairs well with a variety of colors, including gold, silver, ivory, blush, peach, navy, burgundy, burnt orange, deep plum and gray. These colors can be used as accents or as the main color in your wedding decor, depending on your preferences and the overall look you are going for.

What is the significance of dark teal in a fall wedding?

Dark teal is a rich, jewel-toned color that pairs well with the warm hues of fall foliage and can help to add a sense of elegance and sophistication to a fall wedding color palette.

What types of flowers work well with dark teal in a fall wedding?

There are many flowers that work well with dark teal in a fall wedding, including dahlias, mums, roses, sunflowers, and ranunculus. These flowers can be used in bouquets, centerpieces, and other decor elements to add a pop of color and texture to your wedding.

What types of venues work well with a fall dark teal wedding?

Fall dark teal weddings work well in a variety of venues, including barns, vineyards, historic buildings, and outdoor spaces such as gardens or parks.

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