Top 8 Rustic Outdoor Wedding Color Ideas 2023

Do you want the aesthetic of your wedding to be classic? Check out these 10 ideas for rustic wedding colors for the charm you need.
If you’re one of the lucky 2.3 million couples getting married this year, then congrats!
The road to “I do,” however, is no easy feat. From caterers to the guest list to selecting your bridal party, there’s a lot to be done! But, the most important thing is that you found the love of your life and that you’re ready to tie the knot.
If you know for certain that you’re being pulled towards a rustic wedding, then you’re probably wondering about rustic wedding colors. Wedding colors make all the difference and rustic weddings can easily make your special day one to remember.
Rustic weddings typically are where formal elegance meets the outdoors. Where Mother of the Bride meets Mother Nature.
Each rustic wedding is slightly unique and different, however. Some lean towards an Earthy vibe whereas others lean toward a more country western feel. Wherever your rustic wedding fits on this scale, we have you covered.
Read on to discover the best rustic wedding colors and how to best incorporate them on your big day.

Sage Green + Terracotta

A soft sage green would perfectly complement a shade of terracotta. Rich and earthy, these colors create a look that is understated yet modern.

rustic outdoor sage green and terracotta wedding colors

Sunset Orange

This orange color is a beautiful and romantic hour-glass tone. It looks like the sun is beginning its descent or sinking into a soft, glowing sunset. It is a perfect wedding color as it is reminiscent of summer and the warm months ahead. The type of wedding this color is ideal for is an outdoor, rustic wedding with a church or reception held on the grounds.

rustic outdoor sunset wedding colors

Plum + Lilac + Green

The colors plum, lilac, and green are a great way to create a sense of serenity in your wedding theme. These colors can help you create a rustic-themed wedding in summer or spring. Color options are best for indoor or outdoor events. You can even use this color scheme for an outdoor dinner or dinner to remember or for a layered hall and an outdoor reception.

rustic outdoor plum lilac and green wedding colors

Dusty Blue + Burgundy

The dusty blue and burgundy combination is definitely a welcome change from bridesmaids dresses that are covered with feathers or white taffeta. These colors would work beautifully for a good country wedding with rustic details. You can also complement this color combination with a bouquet of dusty blue and burgundy flowers, like purple-blue statice and dusty blue carnations.

rustic outdoor dusty blue and burgundy wedding colors

Berry + Dusty Blue

Some berry-inspired colors lend themselves beautifully to rustic weddings. Try a dusty blue or dusty lavender for a classic color that will surely go well with any venue!

rustic outdoor berry and dusty blue wedding colors

Lavender + Wheat

This color is everywhere right now! You can’t go wrong in terms of visual appeal when your colors are lavender and wheat. Brides and grooms can match these colors by adding lavender touches to the wedding decor, like stems, flowers, candles, and ribbons. You can also use lavender prints to accent the wedding photographs that you’ll have taken.

rustic outdoor lavender and wheat wedding colors

Teal + Mustard

Teal is a rich and vibrant color for weddings. Teal frequently looks great with the yellow-green color of mustard. It also can combine beautifully with a neutral color palette that could create a range of rustic outdoor wedding color schemes.

rustic outdoor teal and mustard wedding colors

Navy Blue + Blush

This color combination is a great for a wedding because it doesn’t get in the way of the natural beauty of your surroundings, and is also perfect for something that is going to be outdoors, such as a wedding. The navy blue brings in a very natural, earthy vibe that is complemented by the blush, which is a great color to use against other bold colors.

rustic outdoor navy blue and blush wedding colors

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