Top 6 Rust Wedding Color Palettes 2024

We love rust wedding color which is so fancy but also so retro. With the use of rust and orange, the endless possibilities in floral and food will help bring this color palette to life. From the rust bridesmaid dresses and orange bouquets, to the wooden table, rust and orange floral elements, wedding cake and other special details, all of them crate a fresh, stylish and bohemian aesthetic. Here, you’ll find a broad range of ideas to set a marvelous scene for a rust wedding celebration. Check them out below.

Rust + Orange

Rust is a shade heavy on orange. Orange is the blending color in these two tones, which creates a warm, welcoming and comforting effect. Rust can be combined with brown, green and yellow tones to create a certain mood in the weddings.

october wedding colors rust and orange
october wedding colors rust and orange

Rust + Teal

The color of rust is soft and bold at the same time. The softness makes it the perfect color for a rust and teal wedding. This color combo is really calm and comforting. It gives a peaceful feeling and is great for a low-key wedding.

rust and teal fall wedding color idea

rust and teal fall wedding color idea

Rust + White + Black

In a world where black blurs the line between being traditional and modern, it may be easy to start a rust wedding color palette with a white base. For a softer look, the black can take a more gray tone, while the rust is softened by the white color.

white rust and black january wedding colors
white rust and black january wedding colors

Rust + Navy

Rust and navy definitely makes for a stark, yet stylish wedding color palette. This color palette pairs well with rust accents on the wedding details, in bridesmaid dresses, and in any rust-colored flower bouquet. When it comes to fonts, keep it freehand-style on invites, program font on the welcome sign, and let the print bring a rustier feel.

fall wedding color navy blue rust
navy blue rust fall wedding color

Rust + Peach

A soft, sweet peach color that is an easy match with a rust wedding theme is perfect. This color palette can be made more rustic looking to incorporate a heavier color by adding a red flower to the base.

boho chic wedding rust orange and peach wedding color ideas #boho #weddingcolors #bohowedding #weddingideas #weddingcolor #weddingcolorscheme
boho chic wedding rust orange and peach wedding color ideas

Rust + Deep Sage

Rust wedding colors are great for someone who loves natural and earthy tones, but is not afraid of a touch of metal. Deep sage is the perfect color for a rust wedding, and it works very well with rust textiles and rust decor. A deep sage ribbon would be a nice touch to any rust and sage themed wedding.

rustic country rust green wedding color ideas
rustic country rust green wedding color ideas

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What are some popular themes for a rust wedding?

Some popular themes for rust weddings include barn weddings, woodland weddings, bohemian weddings, and outdoor weddings. These themes often incorporate elements of nature and rustic charm.

What are some popular colors for a rust wedding?

Popular colors for rust weddings include earthy tones like brown, beige, and olive green, as well as muted pastels like blush and lavender.

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