Top 10 November Wedding Colors 2023 /2024

Did you know that November is the last month of autumn? Getting married in November means working with colorful autumn leaves and incorporating warm earthly colors into your wedding decor. Searching for the perfect color palettes and color combinations that’ll best match the fall season colors can be a daunting task, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

When people think of the autumn season, the colors that most come to mind are orange, yellow, and brown, but these don’t have to be your only November wedding color choices. Let us explore these November wedding color combinations that’ll create an autumnal ambiance for your big day.

Sea Sage + Palomino

Sea Sage s a light green that can be combined with other colors to create a soft, dreamy look. It’s the perfect complement to Palomino (a light yellow), as the two colors combine well and create a natural-looking palette.

When it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be absolutely perfect. And while it may seem difficult at first, having this vision in mind will help guide you as you choose which colors will work well together and make your wedding day dreams come true!

sea sage and palomino wedding color idea
sea sage and palomino wedding color idea

Mustard + Greenery

Mustard is a warm color that goes well with greenery, so if you’re looking for a color scheme to pair with the earthy tones of fall, this might be it.

You can also use an orangey-yellow hue like pumpkin or saffron and add in some dark branches for an interesting look.

mustard and greenery boho wedding color idea 2021
mustard and greenery boho wedding color idea 2021

Rust + Teal

A rust + teal color palette is a unique combination that’s perfect for your wedding. Rust is a warm color, while teal is cool. This juxtaposition of warm and cool creates an interesting contrast—the idea being that you want the colors to be different but still work well together.

You can incorporate these two hues into your wedding day by using them as the main color in one area (like your bridesmaid dresses) and adding touches of it throughout other aspects of the day like table settings or floral arrangements. It’s a great way to add some pop without overdoing it!

rust and teal fall wedding color idea
rust and teal fall wedding color idea

Canyon Rose + Dusty Rose

Canyon rose is a muted, dusty pink that’s perfect for weddings in the desert or other locations with warm weather. It pairs well with dusty rose, a soft shade of pink that evokes feelings of romance and femininity. These colors are great for springtime weddings but also work well at any time of year if paired with darker hues like gray or navy blue.

canyon rose and dusty rose fall boho wedding color ideas
canyon rose and dusty rose fall boho wedding color ideas

Dark Turquoise + Burgundy

The combination of dark turquoise and burgundy is a perfect fall color palette. Use it to create an elegant atmosphere in your wedding, or even just to add a little extra oomph to your Halloween costume!

To make this color scheme work, you’ll need to balance the two shades: If one is too overpowering, it will be difficult to see their complementary nature. For example, if you choose a deep burgundy as your primary shade, try pairing it with a lighter shade of turquoise for contrast. Similarly if you opt for a bright turquoise (such as royal blue), try combining that with a darker tone like forest green or chocolate brown for depth and contrast.

dark turquoise and burgundy november wedding colors
dark turquoise and burgundy november wedding colors

Hunter Green + Gold

You can also pair the green with gold, navy or cream. Hunter green is a great color for creating a romantic look. If your wedding’s in the fall, this is a good way to incorporate some of those earthy tones that are so popular then.

hunter green and gold fall november wedding colors
hunter green and gold fall november wedding colors

Maroon + Yellow

  • Maroon and yellow is a classic color combination that has been around for decades.
  • You can use it in the wedding flowers, stationery and decorations to create a fun and cheerful atmosphere.
maroon and yellow fall november wedding colors
maroon and yellow fall november wedding colors

Purple Shades + Grey

If you’ve got a fall wedding on the horizon, consider purple shades and grey. This color combination is particularly well-suited for cooler weather weddings, especially if your venue has plenty of windows or skylights that let in lots of natural light. On these days, it’s nice to have a color palette that echoes the season – but doesn’t compete with it.

If you love this idea but think the boldness of deep purples might be too much for your wedding style, consider using softer tones as accents instead: dusty lilacs paired with dark greys would make an elegant day look; darker violets and lighter greys will look dramatic at night (think candlelit tables).

purple shades and grey fall november wedding colors
purple shades and grey fall november wedding colors

Navy + Cream

Navy and cream are both dark and light colors, making them a perfect match for your fall wedding. If you’re considering navy blue as your wedding date’s primary color, keep in mind that it can be a little more difficult to pair with other tones. However, if you choose to go with navy for just about any aspect of your wedding—from the bridesmaids’ dresses to table linens to centerpieces—a cream hue will help soften the look and make everything feel cohesive.

A cream-colored dress or tulle skirt would also look lovely with this combo; if you want something simpler than full-on lace but still want it to be fancy enough for an evening event, try draping your gown in silk organza or chiffon instead of tulle!

navy and cream fall november wedding colors
navy and cream fall november wedding colors

Mauve + Navy

Mauve and navy are both rich and deep colors that are perfect for a fall or winter wedding. The combination of mauve with navy creates a sophisticated look, perfect for someone who wants their wedding color scheme to be elegant but not overdone.

mauve and navy fall november wedding colors
mauve and navy fall november wedding colors

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of ideas for your wedding colors and flowers. Remember, it’s important to stay true to your own style and vision. If none of these combinations are right for you, there are plenty more options out there!


What are some popular color schemes for a November wedding?

Some popular color schemes for a November wedding include deep jewel tones like burgundy, navy, and emerald green, as well as warm, rich colors like gold, copper, and bronze. You could also incorporate autumnal hues like burnt orange and deep red.

Are there any holidays or events to avoid when planning a November wedding?

It’s a good idea to avoid scheduling your wedding on or around major holidays like Thanksgiving, as many people may have prior commitments. Additionally, you may want to consider local events that could cause traffic or hotel availability issues.

What are some good venue options for a November wedding?

Indoor venues are a popular choice for November weddings due to the potential for cooler weather. Options could include traditional banquet halls, historic buildings, or even cozy restaurants. You could also consider outdoor venues with heating options or covered areas, such as tents or pavilions.

What are some popular menu items for a November wedding?

Warm and comforting dishes are perfect for a November wedding. Consider serving soups or stews as a starter, followed by roasted meats or hearty pasta dishes. You could also incorporate seasonal ingredients like butternut squash or cranberries into your menu.

What are some tips for dealing with daylight savings time during a November wedding?

If your wedding falls on the day of daylight savings time, make sure to communicate the change in time to your guests well in advance. Additionally, consider adjusting your wedding schedule to accommodate the time change, such as starting the ceremony earlier in the day or extending the reception by an hour.

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