18 Navy Blue and Coral Wedding Color Ideas 2024

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t let your color palette dictate the mood of your big day. Instead, take a cue from the ocean. The deep blue of navy can be relaxed and romantic or crisp and cool depending on how it’s paired with other colors. And coral is as bright and fun as any shade of orange can be. When combined together, they make for a sophisticated yet playful style that will leave guests dreaming about their next beach getaway long after they’ve returned home from your celebration.

navy blue and coral wedding color ideas

Navy + Coral Wedding Colors

Navy blue and coral are a captivating combination that creates a visually striking and sophisticated color scheme for your wedding. Navy blue brings depth and richness, while coral adds a vibrant and energetic pop of color, resulting in a perfect balance.

Consider complementing the navy blue and coral palette with accents of gold, silver or ivory to create an elegant and timeless look.

coral gold navy july wedding color palettes
coral gold navy july wedding color palettes

Navy + Coral Wedding Bouquets

When you’re looking for a unique way to add some navy blue and coral flair to your bridal bouquet, think outside of the box! Brides have been known to incorporate feathers into their designs, but there are plenty more materials that can be used as well. Whether you choose flowers or ribbons, it’s important that they complement each other in terms of color and style so that they look like one cohesive unit when placed together on your dresser at home.

If you want something simple and classic but still vibrant enough for summertime weddings (or any time of year), try using traditional blooms like roses or dahlias alongside other seasonal favorites such as delphiniums or irises–the resulting contrast will give your bouquet an eye-catching appearance without overpowering its simplicity. If those two colors aren’t quite right for where we’re headed today… perhaps consider adding greenery? Or maybe even some neutral-colored flowers? Experimentation is key here!

  • Coral Navy Blue Bouquet-wedding silk flower rose rhinestone bling

Coral Navy Blue Bouquet-wedding silk flower rose rhinestone image 1

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  • Cascade Bridal Bouquet Real Touch Rose Tiger Lily Cherry Blossom Orchids Rose

Cascade Bridal Bouquet Real Touch Rose Tiger Lily Cherry image 2

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Navy + Coral Wedding Invitations

When planning your wedding, it’s important to set the tone and convey the right message through your invitations. If you’re looking for something elegant and understated but also stylish and modern, navy blue and coral are two colors that will help you achieve this goal!

Navy blue stationery with coral accents or vice versa can create a visually appealing contrast that evokes feelings of luxury without being too over-the-top. In addition to these vibrant hues, try incorporating other elements like watercolor designs, floral motifs or ombre effects into the design of your Navy + Coral Wedding Invitations to enhance their overall aesthetic appeal even further. Don’t forget about complementary fonts as well–and don’t forget that metallic details such as gold foil or silver embossing add some extra flair!

  • Coral and Navy Wedding Invitations

Coral and Navy Wedding Invitations Blush and Navy Invitation image 1

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Navy & Coral Floral Wedding Invitation Suite Template image 1

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  • Arched Door Navy and Coral Acrylic Invitation

Acrylic Invitation Navy Blue Invitation Arched Door Wedding image 1

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Navy + Coral Wedding Favors

You can also show your appreciation for guests by selecting navy blue and coral-themed wedding favors. Consider personalized items like candles, coasters or keychains in navy blue or coral shades adorned with your names or wedding date. Offer edible treats like macarons or candies in navy blue packaging tied with coordinating ribbons or tags; don’t be afraid to think outside the box by choosing unique favors that align with your theme (for example: mini succulents in coral pots).

Navy and Coral Lip Balm Party Favors  Coral and Navy Blue image 1

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  • Personalized Candy box with Coral satin ribbon

Navy Blue wedding favor boxes for guests. Elegant Wedding image 5

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Navy + Coral Wedding Garters

Navy blue and coral wedding garters are a great way to add a touch of romance and playfulness to your wedding attire. Choose garters that feature both navy blue and coral elements, such as ribbons, lace, or floral embellishments. Personalize the garters with initials or monograms for an even more special touch! Consider incorporating other elements like pearls or crystals into the overall design so that it can become an accessory that’s as unique as you are!

Light Coral with Navy Blue Lace Garter Set-Includes Toss image 1

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Wedding Garter Coral Navy Blue White image 1

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  • Ivory Navy Blue Coral Bridal Garter Set

Ivory Navy Blue Coral Bridal Garter Set  Chiffon Fabric image 1

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Navy + Coral Groomsmen Items

Your groomsmen should also be dressed in navy blue suits or tuxedos. Add a touch of coral by choosing ties, bow ties and pocket squares with the same color palette. Consider navy blue or coral socks as well as cufflinks or boutonnieres for subtle yet stylish details. Personalize gifts for your groomsmen with their initials monogrammed onto items like flasks or tie clips — they’ll love them!

  • Coral & navy Groomsmen socks

Groomsmen socks  Coral & navy socks custom socks labels Men image 1

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Coral Bow Tie & Suspenders Set for men and kids Navy blue image 1

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  • Navy Blue Coral Floral Bow Tie & Suspenders/Braces for Groomsmen

Navy Blue Coral Floral Bow Tie & Suspenders/Braces for image 1

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  • Coral and Navy socks, Coral floral tie

Groomsmen socks and ties Coral and Navy socks Coral floral image 1

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Navy + Coral Wedding Decor

Navy blue and coral are the perfect colors to use for your wedding decor. The combination of these two hues will create an elegant, yet vibrant atmosphere that’s sure to leave guests talking about your special day for years to come!

If you’re planning on incorporating navy blue into your wedding theme or decor, consider using table linens or runners as a base for all other elements (including napkins and chair sashes). Adding pops of coral with floral centerpieces gives the space more dimension by adding contrast between each element in addition to making them pop against each other. Illuminate the space with warm lighting such as gold or amber hues to enhance the richness of both colors–and don’t be afraid to incorporate seashells or starfish decorations into some areas; they’ll add just enough nautical flair without being overwhelming!

Coral and Navy Blue Flower Girl Basket and Ring Bearer Pillow image 1

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  • Navy and Coral Centrepiece

CORAL WEDDING CENTREPIECE  Navy and Coral Centrepiece  Real image 1

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We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about navy blue and coral wedding colors, bouquets, invitations and more! If you want to learn more about how to plan your own navy blue + coral wedding, check out our blog post on How To Plan A Navy Blue Wedding.


What is the significance or symbolism of a navy blue and coral wedding color scheme?

Navy blue is often associated with qualities like elegance, sophistication, and stability, while coral represents vibrancy, energy, and warmth. The combination of navy blue and coral in a wedding color scheme creates a beautiful contrast, blending the calmness of navy blue with the lively and cheerful nature of coral. This color combination symbolizes balance, harmony, and a celebration of the merging of two distinct personalities.

What are some suitable complementary colors to pair with navy blue and coral?

Navy blue and coral can be complemented by various colors that enhance the overall aesthetic. Some suitable complementary colors include:

  • Ivory or cream: These neutral tones provide a soft and elegant backdrop for the navy blue and coral.
  • Gold or metallic accents: These add a touch of glamour and can elevate the color scheme.
  • Mint green: This color adds a fresh and cool element when paired with navy blue and coral.
  • Peach or blush pink: These colors enhance the warmth and romance of the coral hue.

How can I incorporate navy blue and coral into my wedding decor?

There are numerous ways to incorporate navy blue and coral into your wedding decor. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use navy blue tablecloths or runners with coral centerpieces or floral arrangements.
  • Incorporate navy blue and coral in your wedding invitations, programs, and signage.
  • Dress your bridesmaids in navy blue dresses with coral bouquets or accessorize with coral-colored jewelry.
  • Use navy blue and coral ribbons or sashes to tie around chairs or napkins.
  • Consider a navy blue and coral wedding cake or dessert table with themed decorations.
  • Use navy blue and coral accents in your wedding favors or guest gifts.

Are there any specific themes or settings that work well with a navy blue and coral wedding color scheme?

Navy blue and coral can work well with various wedding themes and settings. Some themes that complement this color scheme include:

  • Nautical or beach-themed weddings: Navy blue represents the ocean while coral reflects the vibrant colors of marine life.
  • Summer or tropical-themed weddings: The combination of navy blue and coral evokes a lively and tropical atmosphere.
  • Classic or timeless weddings: Navy blue provides a sophisticated base, while coral adds a modern twist to the traditional color scheme.

Can navy blue and coral be incorporated into the wedding attire?

Absolutely! Navy blue and coral can be incorporated into the wedding attire in various ways. For example:

  • The groom and groomsmen can wear navy blue suits or tuxedos with coral-colored ties or boutonnieres.
  • The bride can wear a white or ivory wedding dress with coral accessories such as shoes, a sash, or jewelry.
  • Bridesmaids can wear navy blue dresses with coral bouquets or accessories.
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