Top 10 Fall Wedding Color Schemes Perfect for Autumn

Fall is the time of year when colors shift and change, so how best to coordinate your event, seasonal or not? We’ve rounded up our editors’ favorites, from farmhouse and vintage colors to rich, vibrant plum and fiery red. Read on to find your theme, and escape the current heat wave with some tips to cool your wedding palette this season.

Peach + Burgundy

A gorgeous fusion of peach and wine – red, this color scheme offers a pop of vibrant color that is perfect for an autumn wedding.

blush and burgundy classic wedding ideas with glitter

Burnt Orange + Beige

One of the coziest fall colors, burnt orange is trending and perfect for autumn weddings. The quality of this color is very good and can easily become part of a wedding scheme. This scheme is mainly orange and beige, but is refreshing and invigorating. Rustic, warm, cozy, and inviting are the words that come to mind when you’re thinking about this scheme.

burnt orange and beige neutral warm fall wedding color ideas

Peach + Navy

Peach and navy are an argument for Fall. One is dusky, the other a gamboge. They form a sweet, yet tart pairing. The delicate color of peach goes well with the deep navy which ties in the warmth of the season. The champagne becomes a neutral backdrop for the delicate shades.

dark blue peach and soft green garden wedding colors

Garnet + Pink

This wedding color scheme features a bright red color with touches of pink near the bouquet and embellishments. It yields the feeling of a warm bath and the smell of cookies in your nose. The garnet color is luxurious and romantic, but never too bright to ruin the elegant and refined look. The wedding is symbolic of winter, warmth, love, and togetherness in a season that’s cold, quiet, and diverse.

Dark Garnet Red and Emarald Jewel Toned Fall Wedding Colors

Dusty Rose+ Navy

This elegant fall color scheme is so versatile that it can be paired with so many different elements. The deep, sultry color will pair wonderfully with delicate chiffon wedding dresses and beach details.

dusty rose and dark blue fall wedding ideas

Emarald + Pink

Fall and winter is the perfect time to get married in the chic and stylish color scheme of emarald and pink. This color combo is perfect for a wedding too since the two colors are on opposite ends of the color wheel, so no matter what dress or interior you decide on, it will always complement the other.

emerald green and pale pink woodland fall wedding colors

Maroon + Green

Maroon and green is a beautiful color combination that will look amazing in the fall and winter. Find your perfect wedding color by looking for a hue that combines the warmth of maroon with the coldness of green. It might also be hard to go wrong with combinations of orange and brown, especially if you need to make your ceremony as comfy as possible on a chilly day.

maroon soft green and blush fall wedding color ideas for autumn

Mauve + Grey

A rich color scheme–mauve, grey, and silver–that has a touch of softness, the colors work well for the fall season. Matching or contrasting colors to create a muted look, it is a color palette that can be extended well into winter, something that accentuates the colors of the season without getting repetitive.

mauve purple and grey vintage wedding colors ideas

Plum + Grey

The beauty of this color scheme is that it is easy to wear from day to day and to dress up or down. It is surprisingly modern if paired with a palette of bright greens and purples, and it is always in style.

plum purple and warm grey fall wedding colors

Rust + Navy

This color scheme is ideal for stimulating all the senses. Oranges and blues are a classic choice to be paired with. These colors make for a rich, vibrant, and artistic fall wedding. Opt for rust colored centerpieces, navy and rust mantle, bows, and napkins.

Rust gold and navy blue fall wedding color ideas

fall wedding color ideas fall wedding color ideas

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