Top 10 Black And Blue Wedding Dresses 2024

A black and blue wedding dress is a great option for a formal wedding. In this case, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs to create the perfect look for your big day. For example, you could go with an elegant ball gown that has blue accents throughout or something more modern in style like a mermaid gown.

black and blue wedding dresses

You’ll also want to consider what color shoes and accessories will go well with your dress choice. If it’s going to be held during the evening time then perhaps some silver-colored accessories would be best while if it’s during daytime hours then maybe gold tones would work better instead!

  • Indigo and Black Bridal Lace Dress Boho Off-Shoulder Black floral lace crop top and Navy Blue tulle glitter skirt
Indigo and Black Bridal Lace Dress Boho Off-Shoulder Black image 1
This is a boho off-shoulder bridal dress featuring a black floral lace crop top and a navy blue tulle glitter skirt, both in indigo and black lace.

$280.7 | Etsy

  • Black and blue ball gown lace wedding dress
Black lace wedding dress // Calypso Nightfall / Tulle bridal image 3
This is a ball gown wedding dress with an ombre effect, featuring black and blue tulle lace.

$2199 | Etsy

  • Night Mist Two Piece Bridal Tulle Dress with Magic Black Grey Ombre Skirt
Night Mist Two Piece Bridal Tulle Dress Magic Black Grey Ombre image 1
Night Mist is a stunning two-piece bridal ensemble that features an ethereal tulle dress paired with a captivating ombre skirt in shades of magical black and grey.

$361.9 | Etsy

  • black or ivory tulle and sequined wedding dress
Borealis tulle gown with horsehair braids / black or ivory image 1
This exquisite wedding dress comes in your choice of black or ivory tulle, adorned with delicate sequins for a touch of elegance and glamour.

$1043 | Etsy

  • Gothic ombre blue and black tulle wedding dress
Gothic ombre blue and black tulle wedding dress. Custom image 3
Embrace a captivating Gothic aesthetic with this enchanting wedding dress, featuring a mesmerizing ombre effect in shades of blue and black on layers of ethereal tulle.

$347 | Etsy

  • Goth navy blue wedding dress
Blue wedding dress Goth wedding dress Alternative wedding image 1
Indulge in a Gothic-inspired allure with this spellbinding navy blue wedding dress. It boasts an alluring open back, a navy satin skirt that exudes elegance, and long sleeves adorned with intricate navy lace for a touch of graceful sophistication.

$392 | Etsy

  • Dark Blue wedding dress with short sleeves
Dark Blue wedding dress with short sleeves Color wedding image 3
Illuminate your wedding day with a touch of mystique in this stunning dark blue wedding dress. With its charming short sleeves and unique color, this gown is a testament to your individuality. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features exquisite designer lace and high-quality materials, meticulously cut and sewn by hand. This gothic-meets-romantic dress embodies timeless elegance, showcasing an A-line silhouette that exudes grace and sophistication. Its versatility makes it suitable not only as a wedding gown but also as a remarkable choice for prom or a bridesmaid dress.

$1143.2 | Etsy

  • Albertine Black Bridal Tulle Maxi Dress
Albertine Black Bridal Tulle Maxi Dress Shadow skirt Black image 1
Introducing the mesmerizing “Albertine Black Bridal Tulle Maxi Dress,” a boho-inspired masterpiece with a touch of gothic allure. This stunning ensemble features a floral lace top named Albertine, paired with the elegant Lucie silk bustier. The A-line tulle skirt, also named Albertine, creates a beautiful shadow effect and is adorned with delicate lace embroidery around the waistband. Crafted from high-quality materials, the dress exudes luxury and sophistication. The lace used for the corset-style bustier is a premium, dense French lace, ensuring durability and beauty. The floor-length tulle skirt showcases a magnificent A-line flare, requiring a significant amount of fabric for its creation. This exquisite wedding gown will leave a lasting impression, showcasing timeless elegance and unmatched craftsmanship.

$215.6 | Etsy

  • Navy blue Goth wedding dress
Blue wedding dress Alternative wedding dress in color Goth image 5
Embrace your Gothic style with this captivating navy blue wedding dress. This alternative, non-traditional gown is a unique choice that adds a pop of color to your special day. With its gothic-inspired design and navy blue hue, it exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication. The bridal gown features intricate lace detailing on a tulle fabric, creating a stunning combination of elegance and edginess. Step away from tradition and make a bold statement with this blue lace dress that will make you feel truly extraordinary on your wedding day.

$1239.35 | Etsy

  • Black Tulle Ombre Wedding Dress in Boho A-Line Style with Shoulder Bows and Skirt
Black Tulle Ombre Wedding Dress in Boho A-Line Style with image 1
Experience the enchantment of this black tulle ombre wedding dress, designed in a boho A-line style that radiates beauty. This unique gown is adorned with charming shoulder bows that add a touch of elegance. The ombre effect on the skirt creates a mesmerizing gradient, showcasing shades of black that captivate the eye. With its flowing tulle fabric and exquisite craftsmanship, this dress exudes a romantic and ethereal aura. Walk down the aisle in style and grace with this extraordinary black tulle ombre wedding dress.

$345 | Etsy


What are the meanings associated with black and blue wedding dresses?

The meanings associated with black and blue wedding dresses can vary depending on personal interpretations and cultural backgrounds. Black is often associated with elegance, sophistication, and a touch of mystery. It can symbolize strength, power, and individuality. Blue, on the other hand, is often associated with calmness, serenity, and spirituality. It can symbolize trust, loyalty, and stability. Together, black and blue can create a visually striking contrast, combining elements of both darkness and tranquility.

Are black and blue wedding dresses suitable for traditional weddings?

Black and blue wedding dresses are generally considered more appropriate for non-traditional or alternative wedding ceremonies. Traditional weddings often feature white or ivory gowns as a symbol of purity and innocence. However, modern weddings allow for greater flexibility and personal expression, so if a bride desires a black and blue dress for her traditional wedding, she can certainly choose to wear one. It’s essential to consider the overall theme and style of the wedding and ensure that the dress aligns with the desired atmosphere.

How can I accessorize a black and blue wedding dress?

Accessorizing a black and blue wedding dress can be an exciting opportunity to enhance the overall look. Consider silver or metallic accents, such as jewelry, shoes, or a hairpiece, to complement the color scheme. A black or blue sash or belt can help define the waistline and add a touch of elegance. You can also experiment with bold makeup choices, such as deep blue or smokey eye shadow, to match the dress’s color palette. Ultimately, choose accessories that align with your personal style and enhance the unique beauty of the black and blue wedding dress.

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